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Complex Oxides at Cornell

Interested in complex oxides? Come join the exciting and dynamic complex oxide materials physics team at Cornell. PI’s include:

Prospective Graduate Students

How to join the fenniegroup

UPDATE 04/2014: Note, I will be on sabbatical from June 2014 through July 2015, I do not plan to hire any new students during that time period.

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I currently have several positions open. If you are already a Cornell graduate student, please stop by to discuss. If you are not a Cornell graduate student, before applying to my group you first must apply to and then be accepted into a graduate field of Cornell. You may apply to any graduate field at Cornell, e.g., Applied Physics, Physics, Materials Science, and still work with me, however I only see applications to the Applied Physics Program. For details on how to apply please see here but feel free to send me an email if you wish to discuss it further.

How to get started

To get a sense of the physics we spend a lot of time thinking about see our research page. Please note that we are a theory group, however, one of the main tools we use is a computational platform based on density-functional theory that directly solves the quantum system from first principles. A great starting point to get familiar with the practical aspects of DFT is the ABINIT project.

Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

UPDATE 04/2014: Note, I will be on sabbatical from June 2014 through July 2015, I do not plan to hire any new postdocs during that time period.

(below is for archival  purposes only.)

UPDATE 11/2013: Note, I do not plan to hire a pd in 2014 in any area other than correlated electron theory. I would be looking for someone who can talk with colleagues in LASSP such as Profs. Eun-Ah Kim and/or Chris Henley. This person must be independent, I am treating this position as an independent Fellowship-like position.  Note, no prior DFT experience is required, only a desire to incorporate materials specific information into their research.

=Several postdoctoral positions are available in the group of Craig Fennie at Cornell University in the area of the physics and chemistry of complex oxides. In addition there may be an opportunity aimed at a more senior person for a 5-year research associate position. I am particularly interested in, but not limited to, bringing in people with a strong background in one of the following areas: 1) strongly correlated materials (background in DFT is not required), 2) high-throughput, data-mining, global search approaches for structure prediction, and related methods 3) first-principles approaches that work for very large (>100 atom) systems.

The group is a highly cross-disciplinary and collaborative group focused on the use of theory to uncover new structurally and chemically complex bulk solids, hetrostructures, and interface materials and will provide exceptional candidates a prime opportunity to work with experimentalists and to develop an independent research direction on a wide range of topics related to materials physics and/or chemistry of complex oxides. Highly motivated candidates capable of independent work with strong communication skills, are encouraged to apply by sending a CV, the names of at least two references, estimated availability date, and a one-page max description (not a list) of past accomplishments and future research interests to Prof. Craig Fennie at (Note, I’m bad at keeping track of emails, it would help if the subject line of your email read “Postdoc application,” thanks.) Note, the start dates are very flexible, essentially any time over the next year. For more information on the group please visit