Courses Taught

Current Course: Fall 2010

AEP4500/PHYS4454 Introduction to Solid State Physics

Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS 2217/AEP 2170)

Spring 2010, 2009.  Intended for students who have done very well in PHYS 1112 or 1116 and in mathematics and who desire a more analytic treatment than that of PHYS 2213. Prospective physics and engineering physics  majors are encouraged to select PHYS 2217. Vector calculus is taught in this course, but previous contact, especially with the operations grad, div, and curl, is helpful. It is assumed the student has seen Special Relativity at the level of PHYS 1116 or is currently enrolled in PHYS 2216. It is also assumed that the student has covered the material of MATH 1920 and is coregistered in MATH 2930 or the equivalent.

At the level between Introduction to Electrodynamics by Griffiths and  Electricity and Magnetism, by Purcell (Vol. 2, Berkeley Physics Series).

Introduction to Solid State Physics (PHYS 4454/AEP 4500)

Fall 2010, Fall 2009. An introduction to the physics of crystalline solids. Crystal structures, electronic states, lattice vibrations. Metals, insulators and semiconductors. Computer simulations of the dynamics of electrons and ions in solids. Optical properties, magnetism, and superconductivity are covered as time allows. The majority of the course addresses the foundations of the subject, but time is devoted to modern and/or technologically-important topics such as quantum size effects.

At the level of Solid State Physics by Ascroft and Mermin.

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